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EU Centre Social Media Contest in conjunction with Europe Day 2017!

posted by eucentresg

9th of May, Europe Day

Europe Day, held on the 9th of May every year celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the historical declaration made by Robert Schuman, then French foreign minister in his speech in Paris in 1950. His speech called for the elimination of age old opposition of France and Germany, and the creation of an institution, the European Coal and Steel Community, that would pool and manage coal and steel production, and with a new form of political cooperation that would make war unthinkable. Schuman’s proposal is considered to be the beginning of what is now the European Union (EU).

*Win a pair of tickets to European Film Festival*
*or Be invited for Tea and Dialogue Session with the EU Ambassador*
EU Centre Social Media Contest in conjunction with Europe Day 2017!


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Contest ends 23 April 2017, 2359hrs *Deadline Extended*
Winners announced on our Social Media pages on 25 April 2017

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