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EUC Director at Global Youth Forum 2013

posted by eucentresg

GYC 2013On 19 July, EU Centre Director Dr Yeo Lay Hwee was guest-of-honour at the opening ceremony of the 2013 Global Youth Forum, held at Victoria School, Singapore. The week-long annual forum brings together high school students from Singapore and the Asia-Pacific. Organised by the Singapore-based social enterprise Global Youth Congress International, the forum seeks to engage students on the salient geopolitical and international issues of today, through lectures and discussions.

Dr Yeo also delivered a lecture on the global role of the European Union to the audience of 100 young delegates from Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. She traced the development of the EU, in the aftermath of World War II when European integration started with the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community to its transformation to the European Union of today. She explained to the delegates on why European integration is seen first and foremost as a peace project, but have also evolved to this day as an important trading bloc and a market of over 500 million consumers. She presented the facts on EU’s trade and investment ties with East Asian countries, and emphasised that despite the challenges with regard to the sovereign debt crises, EU remained an important partner for many East Asian countries.


Dr Yeo also underscored the continuing importance of the EU as a global trading power, and how the EU is forging stronger relations with countries around the world, whether through free trade agreements or development cooperation.     


Photos of the event (on our Facebook page)

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