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We regret to inform you that there are currently no research grants available for 2014.

The following researchers were awarded the EU Centre’s Research Grant in 2011:

  1. Dr Lim Yee Fen (Nanyang Business School, NTU) for her research on the Policy Assumptions behind EU Data Protection Directive in the Age of Social Networks (Outcome of her research will be fed to the consultation by IDA Singapore as a precursor to the introduction of legislation on data protection)
  2. Dr Treena Wu (FASS, NUS and HSSR Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School) for her research on “Older Women, Retirement and Income Adequacy: A Comparison between EU member states and Singapore”
  3. Dr Denisa Kera (FASS, NUS) for her research on “Participatory Policy Model for Emergent Technologies: Comparative Study of Alternative R&D Spaces (such as Hackerspaces, FABLABS) in Singapore and the EU”
  4. Dr Phua Kai Hong & Marie Lamy (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS) on “Analysing Prospects for greater regional health cooperation and governance in ASEAN – Lessons from the EU”
  5. Dr Trias Aditya (Dept of Geodetic Engineering, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) on “Feasibility Study on the Adoption and Adaptation of EU SDI Geoportal towards an ASEAN SDI Geoportal in support of multilateral disaster risk reduction efforts”.
  • Pictures from the presentation of the Research Grants can be found below:

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