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Working Papers

Unified European Front: The Road towards a European Unitary Patent

posted by eucentresg

WP21 Cover ImageThe EU Centre has published a new working paper (No. 21) by Mr Gaurav Jit Singh (Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore) entitled “Unified European Front: The Road towards a European Unitary Patent”.


For over forty years, European countries have held numerous conferences and signed multiple international agreements aimed at either creating a unitary patent which will be valid in all European countries upon issuance or establishing a specialized European court with jurisdiction over patents. This paper first outlines the need for a unitary patent in the European Union and then chronicles the measures taken to support and milestones toward the creation of a European-wide unitary patent system. The paper then discusses the few problems and pitfalls that have prevented European countries from coming to an agreement on such a patent system. Finally, the paper considers the closely related agreements of ‘Unitary Patent Package’, the challenges facing these agreements and examines if it would finally result in an EU Unitary patent system that benefits one and all.

You may download a free copy of the working paper here.

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