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In Pursuit of Peace, Prosperity and Power – What ASEAN and EU can learn from each other?

posted by eucentresg

The EU Centre has just published a Policy Brief (No. 7) entitled “In Pursuit of Peace, Prosperity and Power – What ASEAN and EU can learn from each other?” by Dr Yeo Lay Hwee (Director, EU Centre in Singapore). Please click here to download a freePBEUASEAN copy of the policy brief.


The EU and ASEAN are often compared and seen as relatively successful regional organisations in their respective regions. Yet of late, both regional organisations are under intense scrutiny as they confront challenges posed by the financial crisis and rising geopolitical tensions. Their inability to respond effectively to these challenges has brought about a chorus of criticisms.  Noting the current tensions face by both the EU and ASEAN in their respective regions, one could not help but wonder how and if they would be able to deal with the increasing complex security landscape because of a weakened US, and the rise of the rest. This article will compare and contrast the approaches taken by the EU and ASEAN thus far in trying to build peace and prosperity, and how they manage the demands of power politics to distill some lessons on what they can learn from each other in order to navigate an increasingly paradoxical world of economic interdependence but political fragmentation.

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