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Policy Briefs

Keeping EU-Asia Re-engagement on track

posted by eucentresg

CE_RichardYoungsCoverDr Richard Youngs, Senior Associate at Carnegie Europe was the EU Centre’s Visiting Fellow in 2014. While at the Centre, he looked into how recent crises in Europe might have impacted EU-Asia relations.

The paper he was working on while at the EU Centre has now been published. In his paper on “Keeping EU-Asia Re-engagement on Track”, Youngs argues that relationship between the EU and Asia is in flux because of new challenges and crises in Ukraine and Middle East. To ensure that the EU can continue the momentum to strengthen its relations with Asia, he suggests that the EU focus its attention on expanding trade ties, take a common, unified approach and promote soft security,  human rights and democracy.

A free copy of the paper can be downloaded here.

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