AEI-ASEM Summer School 2017



The EU Centre together with its partners in the Jean Monnet Network on Challenges to Multiculturalism and Multilateralism (JMN-CMM: are supporting the 2017 AEI-ASEM Summer School on “Cultural Pluralism in Asia and Europe” (from 24 July to 11 August).

This 3-week Summer School with interactive learning modules and field trips in Malaysia and Belgium (Brussels and Bruges) will explore the broad theme of integration and multiculturalism. The 2-week programme in Kuala Lumpur will examine topics from religious pluralism, cultural diversities to issues on migration and connectivity. The one-week programme in Brussels will focus on how the European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) deal with issues of identity and integration, and also discuss the challenges of populism and rise of the far right movement in Europe.



  1. 2 weeks in Malaysia + 1 week in Brussels / Bruges
  2. Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage
  3. Modules which engage with current issues that shape Asia, Europe and impact on Asia-Europe / ASEAN-EU relations
  4. A special dialogue with a Minister
  5. Excursions to political, traditional and historical sites around Malaysia
  6. Visit to EU institutions – Parliament, Council and Commission
  7. Interactive learning modules by academic experts from Asia & Europe
  8. AEI-ASEM Summer School brings together University students from Europe and Asia








All university students, young researchers, scholars and professionals interested in a learning experience that transcends boundaries and go beyond text books should apply.



USD 700 (for 2 weeks programme in Malaysia)
Fees inclusive of 2 weeks accommodation, meals, local transportation and field trips within Malaysia (excluding return air fare).

USD 1,000 (for 2 weeks in Malaysia + 1 week in Brussels)
Fees inclusive of 2 weeks in Malaysia (as above) and 1 week in Brussels – accommodation, meals, local transportation and visit to European institutions / Bruges (excluding return air fare).



The EU Centre is providing:

  • 5 grants for matriculated Undergraduate and Postgraduate students from three Singaporean universities (NUS, NTU, SMU)
  • 7 grants for matriculated students from Southeast Asian and European universities

Each grant will cover the USD 1,000 fees for the Summer School, plus an additional € 300 travel subsidy to cover cost of travel. The USD 1,000 fees will cover course materials, accommodation, meals and cultural trips and activities in Malaysia and Belgium.



If you are interested in applying for the grant for the Summer School, please send in your CV, copy of transcript and a personal motivation letter (500-600 words) spelling out your interest on the theme of Cultural Pluralism in Asia and Europe. Your application should reach this email address: before 21 April 2017.

If you are not interested in applying for the grant, please visit to register. Deadline for registration: 15 May 2017



For any enquiries, please email
For more information, visit


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