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Yeo Lay Hwee 2010-smallFirst of all, let me wish all a happy new year, and a great start to 2017!

To all our partners, we want to thank you for working with us and look forward to continued collaboration. To visitors of our website, and those who followed our activities and developments, we look forward to your continued support, and welcome any feedback and suggestions on how to make our website a more dynamic platform for people interested in the developments in the EU and its relations with ASEAN.

2016 was a year of major change for the EU Centre in Singapore. Due to the changes in the funding structure under the EU, the EU Centre has to transition to a new “operating model”. We will now be supported by a consortium of three local universities – NTU, NUS and SMU, and at the same time organising and coordinating a series of programmes and activities with three external partners who are part of the Jean Monnet Network (JMN) that is focused on research on two key challenges facing Europe and Southeast Asia – Challenges to Multiculturalism and Challenges to Multilateralism. These three external partners are the University of Indonesia, University of Malaya and Maastricht University.

Into 2017, we will be busy with our research, but will continue to engage the local audience and broader public through lectures and panel discussions. We will continue with our news and views on Europe, and bring out quality publications to inform about the issues and developments in Europe. At the same time, through our research and conferences, we also want to encourage dialogue and discussions on how to strengthen EU-ASEAN collaboration.

We hope you will continue to visit our website regularly. We welcome your inputs so that we will continue to be engaging and relevant, and contribute to knowledge creation and dissemination.

Dr Yeo Lay Hwee
Director, EU Centre

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