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The National University of Singapore (NUS) offers a Bachelor’s in European Studies with the option of an Honours degree. This exciting interdisciplinary course takes a student through the history, politics, economics, language, literature and philosophy of the European continent, and examines the making of modern Europe, the European Union, and their influence on the world today be it in international relations, institution building, trade or security, through a wide variety of modules.

Students are able to take either French or German to a high proficiency, and EU-related modules such as Politics of Contemporary Europe, European Economic Integration, the EU and ASEAN in the World, and Comparative Business Cultures. They can also learn about the rise and fall of empires, history of the pre, post World War and inter-war periods, ancient to 21st century European philosophers, and European literature, theatre and film.

Through the programme’s strong ties with local and overseas institutions, students have the possibility to participate in internships, exchange programmes, immersion programmes and cultural trips to Europe. Undergraduates can take European Studies as a major or minor.

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