Programme offerings for 2013

Schools Outreach Programme 2013

List of topics that can be offeredYLH 2011

- EU 101: an introduction to the European Union

- The EU and ASEAN (the role of regional organisations / regional integration versus globalisation)

- The EU’s external relations and foreign policy

- The EU as a global actor


The EU Centre has been offering the Schools Outreach Programme every year, through which our academic staff, associates and experts have given talks and lectures at various pre-tertiary schools in Singapore on an ad hoc basis.

However, in 2010, the EU Centre began a more concerted effort to engage schools and junior colleges. We did a quick survey of all Junior Colleges (JCs) and Integrated Programme (IP) schools and found the level of interest on learning more about the EU encouraging. We have since followed up systematically with JCs and IP schools and lined up a series of lectures, seminars for over 20 colleges and schools, involving the Centre’s Director, Senior Fellow, Research Associate and the Associate Fellows.

Our outreach to schools, junior colleges and polytechnics had so far covered topics ranging from the historical background leading to the European integration project to the present Single Market, Common Foreign and Security Policy, to challenges faced by the EU, and a prognosis of the future.

In offering the programme again this year, we can either arrange for a speaker to cover thematic topics from an EU-angle, such as the global financial crisis or the regulation of online gambling or human rights, or cover EU topics such as history of the EU’s development and the use of the euro as a single currency.

Arranging for a speaker

If you think your students at your school would like to learn more about the European Union, please email Mr Dexter Lee at to arrange for a talk or lecture by one of our academic staff.

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