Official Websites of 28 EU Member States

Austrian Federal Chancellery
Tour the rooms of the Federal Chancellor, find out the role of the Federal Chancellery, get information and news on Austria, and access all Austrian ministry websites.

“Simple, fast and user-friendly access” to all online information and services of Belgian public authorities, with news updates. Presents the role of the federal government, monarchy and political structure of the state.

Bulgarian Government
News and profiles of the Prime Minister and members of the Government, database of speeches by the Prime Minister, general country information and downloads of public documents.

Croatian Government
Features profiles of the members of the Croatian Government, country information, news bulletins, database of press releases and downloads of public documents.

Cyprus- Government Web Portal
Provides an overview of the country, political system, with profiles of the President, members of Government, daily news and links to government institutions and e-services.

Czech Republic- Portal of the Public Administration Portal
Links to Czech Republic’s government ministries, culture, economy and attractions. Includes a section with practical information for those wishing to live, work or study there.
Online gateway to Denmark, with sections on the political system, history, culture of the country, living, working, studying, investing in and touring Denmark.

Estonia- Riigiportaal
Gateway to all of Estonia’s public institution websites. Features press releases and speeches by the President of the Republic, weekly news bulletin, investment information and e-services.

Magazine-style site that covers “anything related to Finland and Finnish society”, with facts, news, arts, culture, practical info and landscape photographs.

France- Service-Public
Practical guides classified by theme, civil service directory, public web sites directory, access texts of laws, public reports, job offers in the civil service, and a search engine that covers gateway topics and public web sites.

Germany- Die Bundesregierung
Information on the Federal Government and functions, news and press releases, country history, population, economy, with a section dedicated to European affairs.

Greece- Ministry of Foreign Affairs
With sections on the Greek foreign affairs ministry, official press releases, current affairs, foreign, economic and European policy, missions abroad and tourist information.

Hungary- Hungary.Hu
Features news, country’s political and institutional structures, history, culture, society, living, working and tourist information, and links to Hungarian ministries.

Government of Ireland
Portal to all state organisations and government departments, with general information on Ireland in a range of factsheets on topics such as history, demography, economy, politics and culture, and landscape photographs.

“A to Z guide to public administration in Italy. Provides contact details for problem-solving services, information on employment opportunities as well as links to the latest news from all institutions.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia

Includes news about Latvian foreign, security and EU policy, transcripts of speeches by state officials, general and tourist information about the country.

Government of the Republic of Lithuania
Profiles ministers, download the government’s programmes, with links to ministries, Lithuania in EU, and the government’s social networking websites on Facebook, Twitter and My Space.

Luxembourg Government
Information on government, ministries, working procedures, political programme, daily news and a comprehensive guide to the Grand Duchy, geography, history, demography, language and culture.

Government of Malta
Portal with links to Prime Minister’s speeches, ministries, public services and information, public consultations, search engine and Maltese language software on the Malta Information Technology Agency website.

Netherlands- Postbus 51
Portal for public service information, with links to all Dutch public sector sites, including government departments, local authorities and Postbus 51 counter for people with questions to the government.

Poland- Polska Official Promotional Website
Ministry of Foreign Affairs website with tourist information on main attractions, a step-by-step guide to set up a business in Poland, an e-Encyclopedia to describe the Polish state, its institutions, history and culture.

Portugal- Governo De Portugal
Presents the Portuguese political system, with links to ministerial departments, country history, culture and online resources.

Government of Romania
Profiles the Prime Minister, with event reports, speeches, press releases, government objectives, organisation, links to ministries and Victoria Palace in images.

Government Office of the Slovak Republic
With information on structure, organisation of government links to ministries, events, communiqués, calendar and library of images and audio visual clips. “Your gateway to information on Slovenia”
Slovenia’s history, political system, other facts, with links to key events, language kits, multimedia files, tourist attractions, key official websites, brochures and a monthly magazine.

Spain- Gobierno De España
Explains Spanish political system, role of its institutions, with links to ministries, news, audio event reports, press services and investment information.  “The official gateway to Sweden”
Feature articles, news, facts about Sweden, a film room with reviews and full documentaries, a music room, and tabs on lifestyle, work, education and doing business in Sweden.

UK- Directgov “Public services all in one place”
“Information and online services for the public all in one place.” With links to A-Z of government and practical advice for business.

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