Official EU Websites

“Official EU website that provides up-to-date coverage of European Union affairs and essential information. Consult legislation in force or under discussion, access websites of EU institutions and find out about policies administered by the EU.”


European Commission
Find the latest official press releases, photos and live TV coverage of EU affairs, details of forthcoming events, links to the policies administered and implemented by the Commission.


Delegation of the European Union in Singapore
The official website of the Singapore office of the EU contains news, press releases, and sections on the EU’s engagement with Singapore, Asia, and the world, as well as resources for the youth.


Council of the European Union
The official website of one of the three key EU institutions comprising EU ministers that meets and passes EU laws, with news, public council deliberations and interviews with notable figures.


European Parliament
The official European Parliament website, with information on how the parliament makes decisions, proceedings, petitioning parliament and archives.


Erasmus Mundus
“Worldwide cooperation and mobility programme that aims to enhance quality in higher education… (and) promote intercultural understanding” with funding available for joint masters, PhD programmes, individuals &  non-European higher education partnerships.”


EU Bookshop
Single access point to publications from the European Union institutions, agencies and other bodies, published by the Publications Office.


EU Activity Overviews
“Official summaries of each main EU activity and brief description of important developments and challenges.”


EU Legislation Overviews
3000 thematically grouped summaries of the “main aspects of European Union (EU) legislation in a concise, easy-to-read and unbiased manner.”


EU Tube
The Youtube space of the European Union.

Europa AV service
News and thematic videos, photos and audio clips from the Europa website. Just browse the site or register on-line to download photos and media files, and share the sights and sounds of Europe. Free for EU educational purposes.

Europa Press Room
“Top and latest news from the EU with searchable archives, live news streams, audio, video clips and images, current affairs thematic press packs, RSS, Podcasts.”


Europe Direct
General information about EU matters and answer to your questions on any EU policy, practical information, how to get your qualifications recognised or how to complain about unsafe products and contact details of organisations you may deal with.   

European Social Dialogue
“European social dialogue refers to discussions, consultations, negotiations and joint actions involving organisations representing… employers and workers.” The tripartite dialogue involving authorities and bipartite dialogue has produced 300 joint texts.”


EURAXESS Links Singapore
EURAXESS Links is a networking tool for European researchers abroad. EURAXESS Links in Singapore provides them with information about research in Europe and Singapore, latest developments in research policy, and opportunities for research funding, international collaboration and for trans-national mobility. Membership is free.

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