Acta Politica
Dutch Political Science Association journal that aims to publish outstanding work in research and development, both theoretical and empirical, including Dutch comparative politics, int’l relations, public administration and communication.

Acta Sociologica
“High-quality innovative sociology… from different theoretical and methodological starting points… articles and review essays, as well as book reviews and commentaries” from a Scandinavian vantage.

Actes De La Recherche En Science Sociales 
Papers available from the publication of Centre de Sociologie Européenne at the Collège de France and the École des Hautes études en Sciences Sociales.


Asia Europe Journal
“The Journal is devoted to publishing interdisciplinary and intercultural studies and research between Asia and Europe in the social sciences and humanities. Fields of interest include various aspects of bilateral relationships, comparative studies as well as Asian area studies from an European perspective and vice versa.”


Challenge Europe
European Policy Centre public policy journal with free access to thematic issues and contributions by “leading” academics, politicians and commentators. Each issue addresses a single theme on the Union’s agenda.

East European Politics and Societies
“Covers issues in Eastern Europe from social, political, and economic perspectives.”

East European Quarterly
“Scholarly journal publishing original contributions in the disciplines of East European history, sociology, economics, politics” by University of Colarado Boulder.

Eastern European Economics
“Finest research on the economies of Central and Eastern Europe- their functioning under central planning; reformist trends in communist-era economic theory and practice; and more recently, the ongoing processes of transition to market economics.”

Environmental Politics
“Environmental issues, politics, international relations, studies, management.”

“Europa World Plus is the online version of Europa Publications’ Europa World Year Book and nine-volume Europa Regional Surveys of the World series.”

European Constitutional Law Review
“Platform for advancing the study of European constitutional law.”

European Economic Review
“The first research journal specifically aiming to contribute to the development and application of economics as a science in Europe.”

European Financial Management
“A forum for academics and practitioners concerned with the financial management of modern corporation and financial institutions. The journal publishes significant new finance research on timely issues and highlights key trends in Europe in a clear and accessible way.”

European History Quarterly
“Essential resource on European history, publishing articles by eminent historians on a range of subjects from the later Middle Ages to post-1945.”

European Journal of Communication
Communication research and theory journal that “seeks to reflect and encourage the variety of intellectual traditions in the field… and is addressed to a global scholarly community… it publishes the best of research on communications and media.”

European Journal of Industrial Relations
“Principal… forum for the analysis of key developments in European industrial relations”, labour and ‘their theoretical and practical implications.”

European Journal of International Law
“One of the world’s leading international law journals… EJIL clearly has no rival for its coverage of new theories and the history of international law.”

European Journal of International Relations
“Major independent voice” by the European Consortium for Political Research Standing Group on Int’l Relations covering “global subjects and cutting edge theory debates” that reflect the whole of the international relations community.


European Journal of Law and Economics
“Analytical studies on the impact of legal interventions into economic processes” by legal and regulatory agents. Discusses “institutional and legal prerequisites for efficient market operation” in the EC and new market economies. To be cited in JCR 2010.

European Journal of Marketing
Journal that aims to deliver “insightful and original marketing knowledge… high-quality scholarly research and thinking in marketing” that retains ‘a unique European identify.

European Journal of Political Research
EJPR articulates “theoretical and comparative perspectives in political science, and welcomes both quantitative and qualitative approaches… it is an invaluable tool for social scientists… to keep abreast of the most cutting-edge research from and about Europe.”

European Journal of Population
“Work that contributes to the development of theory and method, and that spans the boundaries between demography and such disciplines as sociology, anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, epidemiology and other sciences.”

European Journal of Women’s Studies
Reflects the “complex theoretical and empirical relationship between women and the particular, and diverse, context of Europe.”

European Political Economy Review 
Doctoral level journal supported by the EC, LSE, Social Science Research Centre (WZB), EUI and Juan March Institute (CEACS) that aims to bridge the gap between European political, economic and legal sciences with full papers freely available.

European Review
“Interdisciplinary international journal covering a wide range of subjects. It has a strong emphasis on Europe and on economics, history, social science, and general aspects of the sciences” on issues of contemporary relevance.

European Societies
Published by European Sociological Association, the journal is “an international platform” for “sociological discourse.”

European Sociological Review
“Leading social science journal in the area of empirical, quantitative and comparative studies… excellent track record of publishing cutting-edge research.”

European Union Politics
“Exciting international journal that provides the forum for advanced peer-reviewed research on all aspects of the processes of government, politics and policy in the European Union… adopts a transnational approach to the challenges” of integration.

European Urban and Regional Studies
“Means of dialogue between different European traditions of intellectual enquiry on urban and regional development issues” that explores “the ways in which space makes a difference to the future economic, social and political map of Europe.”

Europe-Asia Studies
“The principal academic journal in the world focusing on the history and current political, social and economic affairs of the countries of the former ‘communist bloc’ of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Asia”, their “ economic, political and social transformation”, and “changing character of their relationships with the rest of Europe and Asia.”

Internationale Politik-Global
“IP–Global is a platform for debating fundamental questions of global politics. Portraying controversial positions in depth, IP–Global allows its audience to form its own, well-versed opinion.” Authored by “internationally renowned experts with an academic political, economic or media background.”

Journal for Contemporary European Research
Academic journal published by UACES Student Forum. With freely accessible guest articles, commentaries, peer-reviewed research and emphasis on supporting PhDs and early researchers.

Journal of Common Market Studies
Leading journal… publishing high quality, and accessible articles on the latest European Integration issues” including politics and economics by UACES.

Journal of Contemporary European Studies Interdisciplinary area studies and empirical studies of European societies, politics and cultures, with coverage by non-European views.

Journal of European Economic Association
“Theoretical, empirical work of the highest scientific quality”…promotes “’development and application of economics as a science, as well as the communication and exchange between teachers, researchers and students.”

Journal of European Public Policy
The aim of the journal is to “provide a comprehensive and definitive source of analytical, theoretical and methodological articles in the field of European public policy” and encourage a range of qualitative and quantitative social science approaches.

Journal of European Social Policy
“Timely and provocative articles” that “gives an insight on what is distinctive about European social policy thinking and practice.”

Scandinavian Journal of Economics
“One of the ‘oldest and most distinguished economics journals… publishes research of the highest scientific quality” from international contributors.


Scandinavian Political Studies
“Policy and electoral issues affecting Scandinavian countries… in European and global context.”

West European Politics
“One of the most authoritative journals covering political and social issues in Western Europe… (with) substantial reviews section and coverage of all national elections.”

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